Welcome to the Vagabond Ragchew Net!

The Net meets M-F 14:30-16:00 Eastern on 145.470 MHz (+) (100 Hz tone) - Winston-Salem area of North Carolina, USA

3300 Healy Drive, Winston-Salem

The Vagabond Ragchew Net is a group of FCC-licensed amateur radio operators who meet on the air every weekday afternoon, starting at 2:30 pm Eastern, to inform, enlighten, ragchew, and possibly add a bit of humor to the day.

Our nets are once again being held on the W4NC repeater, 145.470 MHz (-600 kHz offset, 100 Hz subaudible tone access), located on Sauratown Mountain, 20.27 miles NNW of downtown Winston-Salem, NC, about halfway between Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock State Park. This repeater is owned by the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club.

For the past year or so, our nets have been held on the K4GW repeater, 147.315 MHz (+600 kHz offset, 100 Hz tone) which is also on Sauratown Mountain. During that period, it was not possible for anyone to participate via EchoLink. We regret this inconvenience to our remote members. Our use of the K4GW repeater was temporary, pending completion of certain repairs at the site of the W4NC Sauratown repeater. While those repairs are not yet complete, the W4NC repeater is back up on Sauratown at a nearby location, and EchoLink is once again available.

When the net began in 1991, it had difficulty finding a regular frequency on which to operate and was forced to move from place to place on the airwaves, leading the original group of founders to refer to themselves as Vagabonds. Today, our roster encompasses over 700 members. Some have passed away and become "silent keys," but most are still licensed and active. In a typical month, about 60-70 hams check in with us to share a bit of themselves and their daily lives.

We welcome all newcomers to join in the net as a casual check-in or, if they indicate an interest, to start their series of five check-ins within 30 days in order to be pledged as a permanent Vagabond. We also encourage all new hams to join us to break into amateur communications. If you do not yet have your amateur radio license, please contact us! We'll help you get the information you need to take an FCC test and get on the air. Amateur radio is for everyone, and we'd love to see you on our check-in log!

73 from all the Vagabonds!

Becoming a Vagabond

Any licensed amateur radio operator can check in with us five times within 30 days to become eligible to be pledged as a permanent Vagabond. A temporary number (in the 900 range) is issued on the first check-in.

Upon the fifth check-in within 30 days, a temporary who thereupon takes the renowned Vagabond Pledge always receives a warm welcome and a new, permanent Vagabond number. In addition, the newly pledged Vagabond can look forward to receiving a handsome certificate in the mail.

The Vagabonds welcome all amateur radio operators, no matter where they may live. Thanks to the wonders of EchoLink, the Vagabond roster includes members from other states and other countries, particularly the UK. Once you've received a permanent Vagabond number, you're a member for life!

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